December Recap & January Meeting

Greetings Florida Herb Society Members and Visitors! Here is a little recap of last month. We had Dr. Linde teaching us about what Western and Chinese Herbs we should have in our herbal first aid kit, how to use them, and his own experiences with first aid. Some of our goodies from the tasting table. We had Rosemary cookies, Fennel cookies and Lavender cookies. The herb of the month was Elderberry. We had Elderberry iced tea and elderberry syrup shots. We learned a lot and had a wonderful turnout. We hope to see you all this coming Tuesday. Details below.

The first meeting of 2015 will celebrate the 41 year history of the Florida Herb Society!

This coming Tuesday, We will have a collection of past board members, Presidents, and other members who have been with the Herb Society over the years to speak about the history of our organization, share photos and memories, and honor those members who are no longer with us.  Please bring any memorabilia that may be of interest to the other members, or that you would like included in the FHS archives or added to our library at Acupuncture and Herbal Therapies.  This year we are undertaking the digitization of our archives, so that we have a way of preserving our history in additional to the paper records. If you would like to assist in scanning and uploading old newsletters, please contact Sharon or Amy.

The herb of the month is Rosemary. Please email
or if you would like to bring an herbal dish or treat to share.

6:30 pm Herb Swap & Tasting Table. You are welcome to bring an herbal treat to share at our tasting table, please list ingredients to provide for those with sensitivities.  Cuttings, seeds & plants for share or swap always welcome!

7:00 pm Meeting – A brief business meeting followed by a spotlight on the herb of the month (Rosemary) and an herbal tip from our resident Herbalist.

7:15 pm  Guests speak and share memories

8:00 pm Questions/Member memory share

8:20 End of meeting announcements and adjourn

Membership is $25 FOR THE SEASON (Sept – June) Membership also allows for access to our herbal library. Visitors are always welcome to join us!

Bring a friend and introduce them to the world of herbs.



December Meeting Updates

Greetings Florida Herb Society Members!

Tomorrow night is our December meeting. The herb of the month is Elderberry. If you would like to bring an herbal dish or some herbal tea please contact our culinary team, Christy Nicholson ( or Jill Shapiro (

Our Guest Speaker will be FHS member Dr. Bob Linde, of Acupuncture and Herbal Therapies. He is also The Guardian of our Florida Herb Society Library. If you get the chance to visit the library available to FHS members only, you will see our treasury of herbal healing and cook books and you can even “check/sign them out”. The address is 222 2nd street. (Right next to the Sundial shopping center and movie theater in downtown St. Petersburg.)

The Topic of the night will be creating an Herbal 1st Aid Kit. You will not want to miss this one. Being prepared for emergencies and knowing what natural remedies to have on hand and where to start is so important. Dr. Bob has lot’s of experience with first aid and natural healing and will once again be hosting a 1st aid booth at the Florida Herb Conference this coming year.

-Hope everyone was able to get Florida Herb Conference tickets during the return of the early bird prices.

-Thanks to everyone that signed up to help create our garden this coming spring. There will be a clip board for anyone that would like to sign up as interested in donating plants, seeds, cuttings or time in the garden.

-Our resident herbalist Linda Nash Stevenson is in the last round of her treatments. She still has a long road to recovery, but will be back to us when she is fully restored to good health. She and her family are extremely grateful for your outpouring of love and light in so many ways.

-Our Wonderful New home at Moccasin Lake is free of charge for our use. I ask everyone to consider donating a dollar or what ever you choose to show our gratitude for the amazing space and surroundings. ( The use of the electricity and amenities etc. ) This is not mandatory but it would be really sweet.

See you tomorrow! Peace & Blessings to you all! – Anne

October Meeting

Greetings Florida Herb Society members! Our meeting is next Tuesday the 21st. The topic is “Herbs in Ritual” with Kim & Colby from “Enchanted Earth”.The herb of the month is Sage. Would anyone like to bring in an herbal food dish or some herbal snacks using Sage and other herbs? We would greatly appreciate it.
Please contact so that she know what you are bringing. Thank you kindly.
Also a big Thank You to our volunteers who worked the Honey Bee festival this past weekend. We are very grateful for your dedication to the Florida Herb Society. We will be having a raffle of member donations. All proceeds will go to help our resident herbalist with medical bills from life saving treatments she desperately needs. See you next week!

September Announcements!

Our first meeting at our new location went well! Thank you to all who attended. When our scheduled speaker couldn’t make it, member Patty Morris graciously stepped up and and gave us an informative and entertaining talk about wild medicinal plants in Florida. Many of us had wanted to make it to her property and hear her speak there, but weren’t able to. This was the next best thing. Thank you Patty!

Upcoming events were discussed, specifically events and workshops at Willow’s garden, Emily’s Kapok studio, and at Acupuncture & Herbal Therapies. They are listed on the Events page.

Moccasin Lake Nature Park has invited the FHS to participate in their second annual Bee Festival, on October 11th. It is a family friendly festival, showcasing bees, honey, native bee friendly plants, and the organizations that call the park home. There will be interesting demonstrations on beekeeping, honey extraction, etc., and craft foods and items available for sale. After 5pm there will be a bonfire and drum circle.

Nancy has volunteered to take a shift at the FHS table for a few hours, starting at 9 am. Sharon and her daughter have offered a few hours, but we really need a few more members who are willing to represent FHS by standing at our table, handing out program flyers and membership forms, and answering visitor questions about our organization. If you plan on attending and can volunteer, even for an hour, please let Amy or Nancy know.

Finally, our resident Herbalist and long time member, Linda Nash Stevenson, is suffering from major health issues and needs our help. The only medication that may relieve her suffering and potentially extend her life is incredibly expensive. Her children are asking for any and all financial support available. There was a benefit concert for her last month, but more is needed. Please consider donating an item to be raffled at our October meeting, contributing financially, and sharing the information. We will be accepting donations on Linda’s behalf at our meetings, at the ROOTS Plant & Seed share, and at the Bee Festival.

First Meeting Updates-

Our first meeting of the fall season is right around the corner! If you are so inclined, please check out the Events page for the Herb of the Month, and bring a dish or beverage to share including the herb.

Jill has graciously offered to continue with the culinary services she’s been providing, until someone else feels called to volunteer. The responsibilities include coming to the meetings 15 minutes early (6:15), placing table cloths and serve-ware on tables, assisting with labeling ingredients on dishes brought by members, and bringing tea so there is always a beverage available. Jill has also taken on bringing a dish herself, using the herb of the month. That is not a requirement, but has been greatly appreciated! After the meeting, the tables are cleared,trash disposed of and serving-ware put away.

We are looking forward to seeing each other again after the summer break!

FHS has found a new home!

Greetings Florida Herb Society Members!  We hope you are excited for this new season.  As most of you are aware, the FHS can no longer afford to pay for it’s meeting space. The membership dues only go so far, and last year they did not cover the cost of renting space and having speakers. Therefore, we needed to chose a new space.

There were several criteria expressed by the board and our members:

-Seating for 50 people or more
-A Storage area for our FHS belongings (at least a large tote box)
-A small kitchen/fridge area for culinary, preparing food and washing up
-Plenty of tables for displays, demonstrations and culinary
-Freedom to hold plant and seed swaps and sales amongst members
-Plentiful, well lit parking
-AC and rest rooms
-An opportunity to find a new home as gracious and welcoming as the garden club, ideally with a space to grow herbs and use as a demonstration garden.

Anne and Amy met several times over the summer, visited and checked out in person several possible locations, spoke to previous board members, incorporated everyone’s advice and wisdom, and focused on what would be best for the Florida Herb Society as a whole. This decision was not taken lightly and was certainly a difficult one to make.

We are proud to announce our new relationship with Moccasin Lake Park in Clearwater, Florida.
In keeping with our 41 year tradition, we will have a meeting room space in a lovely wood building, that blends into the surrounding natural environment. This space meets all of the above criteria and more. It has plentiful well-lit parking inside a fenced in area, park trails for going on edible herb walks, an additional outdoor seating area with a stage and fire pit, which we may use at our discretion.
The Park is home to similar organizations like the Pinellas Native Plant Society, Audubon, Suncoast Sierra Club, Permaculture groups, and the Clearwater Bonsai Club. There will be many opportunities for us to participate in festivals and become more involved in the community, while furthering our goal of educating existing and new members.

Most of us did not want to leave the garden club, but realize we must if we are to remain financially viable.
The new board was immediately faced with the difficult task of finding a new meeting space, while trying to meet everyone’s needs. We appreciate your support while we all transition to the new space, and look forward to seeing everyone after the summer break.

Click for an interactive map to Moccasin Lake Park.

Please check out the Events page for our new 2014 Schedule!



Election of New Board Members

Our final meeting of the 2013/2014 season included the election of several new board members.  Thank you to all our exiting board members for your dedication, direction, and creativity through the past several seasons! There are several spots unfilled, if you feel called to serve in any capacity please do let one of us know :)

President                  –  Anne Dort

Vice President          – Amy DiAngelus

Secretary                   – Sharon Smith

Treasurer                   – Nancy McClelland

Resident Herbalist   -Linda Nash Stevenson

Programming            – Dorothy Hall

Horticulture              – Yetta Jaworski  &  Susan McCoy

Membership             – Barbara Boss  &  Diane Fairbanks

Culinary                    – open

Members, if you would like to volunteer as or suggest a speaker, please use the Contact page or contact any member of the board.

Welcome New Members!

The Florida Herb Society meets monthly throughout the year to educate members and the general public in the growing, preservation, and uses of herbs.  Please join us to learn and share all about herbs.

Come and check out a meeting for free. Only $25 per year if you decide to join!
Membership forms and schedules are available at the Greeting/Sign-In desk.